Second Grade

The standards for second grade students include an introduction to the heritage and contributions of the people of ancient China and Egypt and of the American Indians. Students should continue developing map skills and demonstrate an understanding of basic economic concepts. The students will identify selected American individuals who have worked to improve the lives of American citizens. The students will recognize that the United States is a land of people who have diverse ethnic origins, customs, and traditions, who make contributions to their communities, and who are united as Americans by common principles.

Responsibilities of Citizenship
Session 1: The Responsibilities of a Good Citizen
Session 2: Actions That Can Improve the School and Community
Session 3: Taking Part in the Voting Process
Session 4: The Diversity of People in the United States
Session 5: United as Americans by Common Principles and Traditions
Session 6: Additional Activities

Famous Americans and Their Contributions
Session 1: Contributions of George Washington
Session 2: Contributions of Abraham Lincoln
Session 3: Contributions of Susan B. Anthony
Session 4: Contributions of Helen Keller
Session 5: Contributions of Jackie Robinson
Session 6: Contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Session 7: Review
Session 8: Sample Assessment Items
Additional Activities


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